Top 8 Gadgets that Feature in Most Kitchens in the Modern Home

Technological innovation has increased in recent years. A few years ago, you were on top technological innovation simply by owning a microwave. Today, there are many gadgets that can be used to make life around the kitchen easier and things more efficient. Apart from the functionality brought by kitchen gadgets, you can also use some of the gadgets available in the market today to keep the family entertained when they are lounging in the kitchen area.

As mentioned, there are very many innovations created for use in the kitchen. However, some are more popular than others. Here, House of Fisher, serviced apartments in Maidenhead, put together the top gadgets that made it to the kitchens of most customers in 2019.

1. A Smart Refrigerator

Smart fridges have become a coveted gadget for many homeowners due to the huge applications they can be put to. A refrigerator such as the Family Hubâ„¢ manufactured by Samsung is highly popular among homeowners due to its functionality, features and the high number of applications it can be put to. For example, this gadget has an internal camera that you can connect to your phone with the Samsung Smart app. This essentially means that you can be able to monitor and evaluate the items in your fridge even when you are not close to home. This gadget also has a touch screen pad that can provide recipes and be used in the ordering of grocery supplies. The best part is that this gadget can be controlled through voice activation. Talk about enhanced convenience. You do not need to physically touch this refrigerator to use it.

2. A Smart Oven

How convenient would it be if you could start preheating your oven over the phone even before you were inside your house? You can do this with a Smart oven from Samsung. This gadget can help save time for busy individuals and help in ensuring that family members do not have to wait for too long to enjoy a delicious meal.

3. The Samsung Connected Hood and Hob

If you do not have proper ventilation in your cooking area, you can end up with a house that has funny odours after cooking a meal. One of the reasons you can end up with a smelly kitchen can be forgetting to power the extractor fan after making a meal. With the connected hood & hob from Samsung, unwanted scents and damage caused by smoke discolouration or excess moisture can become a thing of the past in your kitchen. This gadget can be programmed to automatically power the extraction fan to the ideal speed simply by turning it on. It is very convenient for homeowners who sometimes forget to start the fan when whipping up delicacies in the kitchen.

4. A Smart Dishwasher

Have you ever found yourself with a flooded kitchen because of a leak or blockage that occurs when washing dishes? A Smart dishwasher has sensors designed to detect any blockage issues and immediately cut the water supply. The best part is that you get an immediate warning on your phone the moment the gadget detects any problems. With this gadget, you can avoid having a messy kitchen and the high costs associated with carrying out blockage repairs and also taking care of a flooded kitchen.

5. A Cabinet Plus

Organising the supplies in the kitchen can be a daunting task especially if you have a lot of supplies to store. If you are not careful, you can end up with expired supplies that are of no use to you. With this gadget, you can organise your spaces and also view and reach all the items that you own conveniently. This cabinet does not take up a lot of space and it is mechanised. You simply need to press a button for it to roll into view from where it is tucked behind cupboards.

6. A Multipurpose Sink and a Multifunctional Tap

The value of property keeps rising each day. To avoid having to find a bigger space, you can ensure that the items in your kitchen have a lot of functionality. With a versatile gadget, you can easily use and plan for limited space in your house. A Smart multipurpose sink can help you use the available space wisely.

A Smart sink can be turned into a chopping board, drainer and many other items. If you have a Smart sink that is fitted with a multifunctional tap to give hot and cold water on demand, you can eliminate the need for other kitchen gadgets such as kettles. A Smart sink can revolutionise the way you use the limited space in your kitchen.

7. A Charging Tray with USB Ports

One of the most dreaded things today is a phone with a low battery. This is because for most activities today, we are always using our Smartphones. Finding standard chargers is sometimes frustrating. With a charging tray hidden away in a kitchen drawer, you can comfortably charge your phone without having to rummage around the house finding a charger. A tray with USB ports can enhance convenience and help you easily gain control of the power level in your devices.