Confessions of an Online Shopping Convert

My family loves to get together in the fall.  We love to trek up to the old cabin that belonged to our grandparents near our home in the Allegheny Mountains.  Returning there always brings back fond memories of early morning frost that sent us shivering to the fireplace in their bedroom until the fire warmed us as it grew hotter.   The glow reached into the farthest corners of the room.  Then we’d jump about on their bed and watch our grandparents as they went about their chores.  Grandpa out back to the chicken coop, and grandma to the stove to fix fresh eggs, pancakes or biscuits served with butter and jam and ham.   We loved those days, and were sad to see them go.  By having the cabin in the family, we can bring back some of those memories, and create new ones for our children as they grow up.

This year, I tried something new and shopped for my camping supplies online using a Groupon for Bass Pro Shops.  I had to take on new responsibilities after a fire burned out part of the warehouse at work. Instead of taking a few days off before Thanksgiving to shop, I had to rely on the advice of friends who assured me online shopping was not the disaster they had predicted it would be.  I cautiously placed my orders, plopped in the codes when prompted, and waited.  Not only did I easily track my package, when we got to the cabin, all the items I’d ordered were waiting and ready for us to enjoy.  Now I tell everybody about my online experience.  I urge them to shop online and stay out of traffic and away from confused and angry shoppers by using Groupons.  I saved 20% off some nice shirts during their Fall Flannel Fest, 50% off hunting gear, and stopped to pick up the turkey fryer I ordered online and had delivered to the local Bass Pro Shop on my way up to the cabin.  It was just what I’d asked for, and the shipping was free.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m sorry I waited so long to enjoy the convenience of online shopping and the savings you get with Groupon.  I wonder how my grandkids will remember this experience when they grow up.